WDKA Drempelprijs Nomination

People consume more meat than our environment can sustain and the food industry lacks to offer alternatives.

Becoming a vegetarian is not for everybody, most people believe they need the proteins meat has to offer. Nevertheless eating to much meat is bad for our environment. Luckily for us our planet is literally crawling with protein rich, highly sustainable alternatives. But how do we convince consumers as well as the western food industry to give bugs a chance?

People are more willing to try novel food when they see other people eat it first.

Most western people find bugs disgusting, but a few decades ago the same was said about sushi: ‘raw fish!? Yuk!’. Until influential people picked it up and popularity started to spread. We believe the same could work for bugs.

Introducing: Ongedierte Bereiding (the bug chef), the first foodblog about edible insects.

The website functions as a platform where the ‘ongedierte bereider’ collects all kinds of different recipes created by partnering up with popular food bloggers. By working together with other foodbloggers we aim to reach thousands of people and inspire them to eat bugs. When the Ongedierte Bereiding reaches enough followers we use the blog to convince supermarkets that there is a demand for edible insects so they can take action and create supply

Visit the website: