Reducing beef consumption

ADCN Young Talent Nomination

For the love of hamburgers

People eat too much meat which is bad for the environment. Especially beef has a large carbon footprint. The problem is most people love eating it so much that they can’t imagine their diet without it.

a small bite can make a big difference.

If all those carnivores out there would give up as little as 15% of their beef consumption, it would have the same effect as taking 240 million cars of the road each year! In terms of hamburgers that’s only one bite. You can hardly call that a sacrifice…

A bite sized sacrifice

A simple gesture that makes people aware of the fact that even a little bite less beef already makes a big difference. We came up with a specially made hamburger press that enables hamburger vendors to produce the same amount of hamburgers with less amounts of beef. A win-win situation! Next to saving the environment they also save a bit of money! We send the special press to vendors across the country and ask them to join the movement and spread the word. Next to that we send out a press release with our story and call on hamburger vendors and consumers across the country to keep in mind that even a small sacrifice as this can have a big impact.