Brotherhood trough beer

Winner Awesome Foundation Rotterdam

The Browery

The Browery is our special project where we learn ourselves and others all about brewing your own craft beer. We like to experiment with strange flavours, extraordinary ingredients and forgotten recipes. It can’t be crazy enough so we love to collaborate with people with creative idea’s┬áso we can come up with beers the world has never tasted!

How it all started

Beer is a remarkable product, It has the unusual trait of bringing people together. From this thought the ‘Browery’ came to life. It started a few years ago as a fun side project when we both studied in Rotterdam. We got the chance to come up with an idea to repurpose an empty building in Niels’ neighbourhood, or else it would be demolished. We immediately knew we wanted to do something to bring the neighbours together because nobody really knew each other, let alone say hello when passing by. Long story short: We found the perfect excuse to start brewing beer.



Turning the neighbourhood into a brotherhood

To get funding for our project we pitched our idea to the Awesome Foundation Rotterdam and won! Soon after we invited a couple of neighbours to brew some beer with us and organised a get together to taste the beer with the whole neighbourhood.


Operation Penningsveer

When we moved to Amsterdam we took our operation with us which is now located at Fort Penningsveer in Haarlem, inside an old military fort that is part of the classic Amsterdam defence line. So if you’re interested, just give us a call and we might invite you for a workshop!